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    Maryland's Wings of Love

Work With an Established Dove Release Company

Here at Maryland’s Wings of Love, we offer white dove release packages for all occasions, be it a wedding, funeral, birthday, or sporting event. We are dedicated to bringing you an event worth remembering! Trust our team because we are:

  • Professional
  • Courteous
  • Dependable
  • Flexible

What You Need to Know About White Doves

While dove is the term we use symbolically, our flock is actually pure white homing pigeons. You may wonder how pigeons and doves differ. Actually, there is no difference. Pigeons are doves, and doves are pigeons. ​​The white homing pigeons we see used in dove releases today are descended from the rock dove.

These beautiful athletes of the sky have come about through man’s intervention using selective breeding over many years. It is important to realize that while doves and pigeons are part of the same family, reputable dove release professionals use white homing pigeons or rock doves that can safely return home over hundreds of miles.

Why Trust Us

Led by Dominic Cirri, our team consists of courteous, caring, and detail-oriented individuals who can make your celebration extra special. We also provide a gift of a framed personalized pre-dove release reading. This reading is read prior to all of our dove releases. Our company believes that appearance is key, so we always make sure we appear at the celebration to show how much we care.

Maryland's Wings of Love doves are strong intelligent fliers, and our releases normally take place within a 50-mile radius of the bird’s home. Our birds are sparkling clean and enjoy bath time just as much as they enjoy feed time. A lot of time is spent maintaining their health and appearance. Clean lofts are a must, and the birds are kept on a strict maintenance program to ensure their perfect health.

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