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    Maryland's Wings of Love

Providing You With Ceremonial Dove Release Services

Maryland’s Wings of Love offers white dove release packages for clients in Baltimore City, Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, and Anne Arundel counties. We have been providing awe-inspiring, memorable dove release services since 2001.


Package One - One Dove

As a closing to the graveside ceremony, a single white dove is released in memory of the dearly departed. This presents a quiet moment of reflection and a sense of enlightenment that the soul has lifted and become free to begin its heavenly journey home. A loved one, from a heart-shaped basket or by hand, may release the spirit dove.

Package Two - Four Doves

As a closing to the graveside ceremony, a single white dove is released, by a loved one, from a heart-shaped basket or by hand. Shortly after the release of the spirit dove, three doves, representing the Holy Trinity, are released to join the spirit dove. As the doves begin their ascension into the skies, observers can hold the beauty of that healing moment within their hearts forever.

Package Three - 12 Doves

After the graveside ceremony, a group of white guardian angels is released and will ascend skyward, awaiting the release of the spirit dove. A dear relative or friend then releases the spirit dove, a single white dove. The spirit dove, symbolic of the loved one’s soul, joins the group of awaiting guardian angels, and as a group, they begin their spiritual journey home.


Maryland’s Wings of Love’s premier white dove release service for weddings requires a $50 nonrefundable deposit with each reservation. A contract will be mailed to you confirming the date, location of the event, and the package requested. When considering a white dove release, please keep in mind that we will not release our birds in what we consider severe weather or too close to dark.

Package One - Two Doves

The lovely white dove presented to the bride is a symbol of her deep and undying love for her groom. As she allows the dove its freedom to fly, she gives her husband the freedom to soar toward his goals and to meet his challenges. All the while knowing wherever he goes and no matter how long his journey, he will always return to the warm, loving home they’ve created together.

The handsome white dove presented to the groom is given as a symbol of the love he holds for his new bride. As he gives this dove flight, he gives wings to the new life they are embarking upon. Just as this dove is a loving and faithful mate for life, by this act the groom pledges his fidelity and deep devotion to his bride.

This gesture assures the bride that however high they may soar in their endeavor to create the life the two dream of making for themselves, his greatest desire will always be to return to whatever place his bride resides. Because that is where his home will always be.​

Package Two - Two Doves Plus 10

Two doves are released by the bride and groom and then followed by the grand finale that is the release of an additional ten doves.

Other Events

  • Anniversaries - Release one white dove to represent each year of marriage.
  • Christenings - Release a snow white dove as a symbol of a baby’s spiritual dedication to God.
  • Birthdays - Release one white dove for each year of age.
  • Graduations - A flock of white doves released at a graduation ceremony represents the freedom of new graduates as they have completed the most recent milestone in their lives and now enter a new and significant portion of life’s great adventure.
  • Grand Openings - Release a dozen white doves at a ribbon-cutting ceremony.
  • Sporting Events - Precede the event or season’s opening game with the release of a flock of white doves.
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